Our Objective.

Our objective here is pretty obvious:

We want to discuss the comic book movies and television shows we love, freely and in depth. We also want to provide a place, maybe most importantly, for people to share their theories about their favorite shows and movies.

It is both relevant and important to report news, but we strive to not do two things:

  • Give out any spoilers. This is a fine-line as so much information is made available today that it’s almost impossible to stay away from them. What we will do is not post any news or reviews pertinent to an on-screen comic property until, at least, 48 hours after it’s West Coast premier. We will not post any news involving script information being leaked or anything that will give too much information away.
  • We will attempt to make sure that the news and articles we share are pertinent. We will not share conflicting comments that an actor or director may or may not have said, that are then twisted out of context. We will not share the same information over and over, days apart in different articles. We will not fill your news feed with any article we can try and make pertinent to our subject material here. Basically, we don’t want to show you click-bait.

We hope you enjoy the website. We would love some feedback on what you like, dislike, hate and love. We also are always looking for some articles, so if you’d like to get publishes, please feel free to contact us.

Also, please remember this is a website for discussion and theory. Allow people the opportunity to explain their point of view, and if you disagree… Well, lets try and keep things as civil as we can.