I just don’t know about Gotham. (Episode 7 spoilers)

By on November 4, 2014

If it’s not clear, I’m a big supporter of any sort of comic-to-screen experience I can get my eyeballs on. I’m willing to give it all a try and just hope we get some sort of quality out of it.

I’ve been pushing Gotham and, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve also always said you need to give a show a full season to get its legs under it. I stuck with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all of last season, and I feel it was worth the patience.

With that said, little by little, I’m just beginning to lose a little faith in Gotham, and in the process I’m making myself a bit of a hypocrite. I always say, “It doesn’t have to match the comic origin stories, and I don’t want it to, I don’t want to know everything that’s going on.”

But I feel like Gotham is missing what makes it a good show and is pushing all the wrong stuff.

It’s a gritty cop drama. Go with that, it works and it borders on great when they do it. This cop drama is based in Gotham, so yes, please give us origins. But its like they’re doing too much. Don’t force every character you can into the story just to load our baskets up with Easter Eggs.

I thought it was a mistake when they decided not to make this the origin story for Ben Affleck’s Batman. We’ve all seen Batman’s origin story a few times and don’t need that on the screen again… but why not use this? Lead us all up to the origin story that we know and use it to your advantage. But no, you’ve created a stand-alone Gotham that leads to… nothing. There is no pay off here. Say what you’d like about Marvel and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D… but at least it’s #allconnected.

The 7th episode, Penguin’s Umbrella, is really the first one where I found myself losing interest. Ironically Gordon says, “It’s all connected,” when talking to Bruce, sort of teasing me. There are some great things in this show (The Penguin) and there are some horrible things (The Riddler), but as long as you keep the scales tipping a little bit to the side of great, you’ve got a good chance. I just feel like they’re pushing too much information in hopes that people think over-saturation is a good thing.

And that’s just it, it’s not. I want as much information and characters and story as you can give me. But it needs to flow and make sense and not feel too crowded. I’d rather a slow payoff (Thanos in Guardians) than a sensory overload that includes a mix of great, horrible, good, average and eh.

Make the origin your own, but make it work. Make it feel like the characters we know and love. It doesn’t have to be the same as the comics. It doesn’t have to be perfect.I think Alfred is great. I don’t mind young Bruce like a lot of people do, though the Bruce/Gordon hug just felt awkward. The mob families, Falcone and Maroni, really work so well.  As stated above, I think The Penguin, or Oswald, or whatever you’d like to call him… he’s the best part of the show with Fish coming in a close second (and I’ll call this, he’s going to kill her at the end of this season and it’s going to be glorious) and they truly are the most compelling reason to come back and watch it.

But the misses are coming a little too often. The weird Riddler-CSI-Creepy character… thing is just too much for me. Victor Zsasz walks in during this episode, and I think to myself that we have a grounded, basic, gritty and perfect for this Gotham villain… and he is doing back-flips off of desks and shoots up the police station with his leather-bound assistants. I understand they’re trying to show that most of the department is corrupt, but 50 police officers clearing out of the station for Zsasz’s acrobatics show may have been the moment this got a little too much for even me.

But guess what?

I’ll watch next weeks episode. Why?

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The entire payoff at the end of this episode where you find out The Penguin is Falcone’s man (or at least proves to him how smart he is.) is enough to make me watch again. But, hopefully they learn their lessons in that everything should have a payoff, not just a Gotham leading up to nothing.

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