X-Men: Days of Futures Past. Blu-Ray Special Features Review.

By on October 16, 2014

So, I picked up X-Men: Days of Futures Past on blu-ray when it came out Tuesday. The movie was already dissected enough when it had its theatrical release, and I won’t pretend there’s a need to discuss the quality of the audio or video. It’s a blu-ray. I will delve into the special features on the disc though.

The behind-the-scenes featurettes were as follows:

Double Take: Xavier & Magneto – I really enjoyed this featurette, it was a look at the two sets of actors playing Xavier and Magneto and just the way they took them from the origin story to what we see in the original X-Men trilogy. Listening to the James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender  talk about Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen never gets old. They go in depth with the Xavier talking to Xavier scene, and it may be my favorite part of any of these special features. It’s also really cool to hear James McAvoy talk about how “if they let them” make a third one, how he’s going to go back and watch all the original X-Men movies so he can watch Patrick Stewart and properly play what he becomes.

X-Men: Reunited – This featurette is exactly what the title makes you think it is, the original actors are talking about how awesome it is to get back together. It’s a lot of what you expect, but it is nice to have them all say how well they used to get along, and how it was a lot of the same, and the thing is they all basically say that, but you also do believe it. And I will say, as a fan, it’s great to listen to all the older actors talk about how they’re excited to play their old roles once more. There’s a good bit dealing with Hugh Jackman going from the original cast and then working with the First Class cast, and how they all enjoyed that.

Classification: M – This was Bryan Singer and some of the producers and other crew members talking about their process of selecting what mutants to introduce, how they decide who works with who well with who and how they bring that together. They go through the mutants they introduced in this movie, talk about their powers and interview the actors who played them, and show a lot of the special effect processes involved with each of them. The special effect part of each of the characters alone (Especially Blink and Quicksilver) made this featurette worth watching.

Sentinels: For a Secure Future – I’m sure you won’t be surprised here, but they simply talk about the two types of sentinels they used in the movie, their mindset in creating the 1973 version of them, and the way they went about creating them. It then goes into the story they use in the movie, involving the future version of the sentinels and Mystique’s DNA. I thought the explanation of why the 1973 sentinels looked the way they did, and especially the “Oh, they do look like…” moment of how they explain the look of the future sentinels, and they in-depth look at how the future sentinels work together (definitely some stuff I know I didn’t pick up on) made this the featurette I enjoyed (and re-watched) the most. Plus, it’s the sentinels. Who hasn’t been waiting for this since X-Men came out?

There is also:

A gallery of Trask Industry stills – There are some mutant experiments you didn’t see in the movie. Some blue prints for the 1973 sentinels. Sentinel construction, and not from the film crew, they actually make it as if it is Trask Industries building these (as they should).

The gag reel – is a gag reel. But it seriously is worth the 6 minutes and has some great parts.

The Deleted Scenes – Nothing extraordinary is in here, there were five in total, the ones that stuck out were – “Farewell to Logan” which added a bit to the dynamic between Storm and Logan. “Sentinels Cancelled” basically would have explained why there aren’t any sentinels in the future (original) X-Men movies, and how Stryker ends up in the position we see in X-2. It’s only about a 20 second scene, and though I think it would have been an awesome addition, Fox decided to leave it out. “Logan Recovered” adds a bit more to when Logan is pulled out of the bay and taken into custody by Stryker (Mystique?), and would have been a nice finish with the previously mentioned deleted scene. Since Sentinels Cancelled didn’t make the final cut, maybe this scene was cut with it.

Kitchen Sequence – This was a deleted scene that got it’s own featurette. It was Raven coming back to the mansion and explaining where she’s been, and how they need to stop Trask. Bryan Singer explains this was cut for a few reasons, one being that he didn’t feel the scene worked (and after watching it, I think they made the right choice), and also that he was unable to speak for a few days (except in falsetto, you have to watch) due to, basically, an ulcer on his vocal cords. The vocal cord issue does cause some outtakes that they caught on camera. It ends up being a three part featurette of sorts, the explanation of the scene, some outtakes of it and the actual finished, unused scene itself.


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